Junk Mail Buffering Agent 0.5.5 Free download

Junk Mail Buffering Agent 0.5.5

  • Publisher:Andrew Wood
  • Version:0.5.5
  • Operation System:Mac OS X
  • License:Freeware
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Junk Mail Buffering Agent 0.5.5Description

Send emails after the sender confirmed their address
Junk Mail Buffering Agent (JMBA) is a tool for preventing delivery of email until the sender has confirmed their address. JMBA can be used together with a spam filter, this way preventing delivery of spammy-looking email unless the sender is confirmed as valid.JMBA is designed to be used in conjunction with a spam filter such as QSF and the mail processor procmail. When the spam filter says it thinks an email is spam, it can be passed to JMBA. JMBA will queue it and send an email to the sender containing a key; if the sender replies, the original email is "unfrozen" from the queue and delivered. NOTE: Junk Mail Buffering Agent is licensed and distributed under the terms of the Artistic License. What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]
· ignore files starting with "." in the queue directory
· include slightly more of the original message in replies
· added new {SENDER} tag in template
· added new {RECIPIENT} tag in template

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